Financial Administration Officer Job Description


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Mission of the job

Mission of the job

The Financial Administration Officer contributes to the overall objectives of the Finance Department providing core financial & administrative support. 

The Financial Administration Officer performs administrative actions in respect to SAP entries regarding incoming invoices, bank statements, expense reports and other administrative tasks under supervision of Head of Accounting.

The Financial Administration Officer contributes to the positioning of B. Braun Medical as a professional, value-adding, trustworthy partner, anticipating and responding to customer needs and achieving high customer satisfaction.

Principal Responsibilities

Principal Responsibilities

  • To assure correct & accurate processing of all accounting of dedicated legal entities & back up of colleagues' responsibilities when required
  • To perform all administrative tasks according strict procedures and processes as determined by headquarters Melsungen and IFRS accounting rules
  • To maintain records for all transactions
  • To dovetail with international 'hubs' like SSC Poland in order to guarantee smooth & adequate problem solving
  • To draft & book invoices & declarations matching them with dedicated legal entities
  • To act diligently and according to compliance guidelines by receiving, documenting & prompt forwarding of complaints/ADRs (Adversed Drug reactions)

Required Profile

Required Profile

Education/ Professional experience:
  • Advanced certificate degree on Administration
  • Minimum 2 years of administrative experience &/or an administrative oriëntated qualification
Necessary skills/attitude:
  • Accurate & analytical mind-set
  • Able to draw cross connections
  • Exercise extreme discretion & confidentiality
  • Service minded communicator
  • Genuine interest in medical sector
  • Excellent collaborator with all departments & stakeholders
  • Professional IT literacy (MS office) 
  • Excellent written and spoken Dutch, French (where applicable) and English skills
  • Understanding of financial - and process dynamics and requirements



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Data protection

Data protection

The protection of the personal data of our customers is very important to us and we take it very seriously. Your personal data is subject to data protection and will only be collected and stored for approach reasons. Under no circumstances will we pass on your personal data to third parties outside of the B. Braun group or use or store them for any other purposes. Our staff has been trained to handle personal data and is obliged to comply with the data protection regulations.